Sunday, July 28, 2013

ZOYA Stevie

Ahhhh, one of my picks from Zoya's ever growing texture polishes (dubbed Pixie Dust) was Stevie. I've never been let down with a purple polish and this surely is no exception to that high standard! And something about this lighter shade of purple really goes well with my skin tone.

Swatches below are two super easy coats. I find it is easier to apply thin coats as opposed to thick. It dries faster and you get a more even textured look. :)

 You catchin the silver sparkle in it?! I'm so in love! I actually think I like Zoya's texture polishes better than O.P.I.. sssshh! I cannot wait to get more. Their fall line up is lookin reaaaaaaaal nice too. I see an empty wallet in my future.
I think this polish would look flattering on anyone!

Do you like texture polishes? What brand do you think is the best?

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