Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TRON Nails

So a while ago I was trying to think of something to do for my nails. And my friend said "TRON NAILS!" 
It's definitely not something that is 100% original but I actually haven't seen it out there that much so I thought I'd take a crack at it!

I love the way it came out! Using pictures of computer circuit boards, I kinda just went to town with some striping tape.
My base is three thin coats of Polish Me to Go - Oh Cool Blue and the black on top is Wet n Wild -Black Creme

I think what sets mine apart from other TRON nail art (and you may have already guessed it if you know the brand PMTG) is... THE GLOW FACTOR!

 I feel like it's a huge sin to put this crap picture on my blog but.. glow polishes are so so hard to capture! Please forgive me for this! But trust me when I say this polish is amazing! The glow is an AWESOME light but bright blue and stays "charged" for a long time! This is about 30 seconds under a lamp! It's what made me pick the color for this design because it matches the TRON logo pretty well.

I definitely need more of these polishes! Plain or in a design they can add so much spice to your manicure! Now if I just got invited to a party.. I'm sure I'd be the life of it with these nails.

Do you like Tron? Are you obsessed with these nails like I am?

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