Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

Greetings~ I have a proper swatch of Just Keep Swimming! By the amazing indie brand Different Dimension! Her holos never cease to amaze me and when she posted her new creation... I jumped to my computer. And missed. So I had to wait for the restock. Sooo worth it!

It's an amazing indigo shade of blue that has a scattered/slightly linear holographic finish. Plus it's soo shiny. I used two coats for opacity.

I was out on the field for a Geology trip in a boat. It was only appropriate to stop paying attention to the professor to take a picture on the water! Just Keep Swimming hellllo!

More procrastination! We were also looking at samples under this fancy shmancy microscope and of course I had to stick my fingernail under. The teacher told everyone to look at their cuticles under their microscope. & My friend actually suggested it first and I pretty much screamed looking at this brilliant holo rainbow up close!! (P.s diascoping is hard.. this is a picture through the lens of a microscope haha) but wheewwww! look at it shine!!

Thanks for reading! I love Different Dimension polishes. Check out her Etsy shop because she also has super cute Disney themed collections that you absolutely need. 

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