Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stamping Saturday: A-England Crown of Thistles

Wow. It's only been two weeks but it feels like an eternity. Did anyone miss me? Lol probably not but it's okay because I missed blogger. I sprained my finger a couple weeks ago and it's healing faster than I thought but for the first week or so I couldn't really bend it at all and it made it kind of awkward to hold a brush and paint. So.. I sadly took a break. It sucked! Naked nails for longer than a week???? Ugh. But now I'm back in action and will hopefully be posting a couple times a week again! 

And what better day to come back then STAMPING SATURDAY? Today I have a gorgeous polish I have been dying to get. A-England Crown of Thistles!

Two dreamy coats (I wasn't expecting anything else) and it's pretty much a one coater. Two coats makes the color more vivid and long lasting though. It's such a gorgeous shade of purple, almost jewel toned, which is funny because the description on Adina's page describes it as an amethyst hue.

Atop the beautiful Crown of Thistles is MoYou Pro Plate 12 stamped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On. I also used my new Creative Stamper! I will have a post with separate thoughts about that though.

I'ts 12:56 am and I should really be in bed but Nu Shooz just came on my music shuffle and what can I say? I just can't wait to post this. I hope you enjoyed this post! If it's wordy sorry.. I just missed typing about nails so much.

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