Friday, May 17, 2013

Flirty Bogotá Blackberry

One of the manis I sported this week was all O.P.I colours.

For the index accent I used O.P.I In A Flirtationship, which I read somewhere that this was an ULTA exclusive shade and a dupe for Excuse a Moi by O.P.I. ULTA throws me off sometimes like that!

And for the rest of my finger nails I used two easy coats of Bogotá Blackberry a super gorgeous wine color. I originally just purchased this for the name, because my paternal grandpa is from Bogota. I ended up loving the color too! Bonus!

Above is an amazing (not) macro shot so you can see the glitters up close! There are multi-colored glitters in like green, red, silver, blue, and orange, and they're in a light pink base! Dried a little matte and gritty but two coats of top coat smoothed that right out!

Thanks for reading :)

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