Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zoya - Liberty

Hey all! Another untried for you to see today, along with my friend Ashley at Capital Polish! Does anyone else just keep buying polish... knowing you already have a ton of untrieds at home? Yeah. That's me. So slowly getting through them.

This is another fabulous pixie dust by Zoya, and her name is Liberty! If you can believe this... this has been untouched (by myself, I used it on a friend once) since about... last summer? I can't believe I left this beauty neglected so long!

Below you see two flawless coats, no top coat! The sparkle is insane, just the way I like my texture polish. I heard this is a stainer, I have yet to remove it though! Hopefully my two coats of base will aid in that.

BOTH hands? Whatttt? Please excuse any imperfections you see with my not so photo ready hand (right) Cindy is also a little awkward at posing but I think I did well! Plus this is after two and a half days of wear. I love how well it is holding up. Anywho, my left hand is topcoated and my right is not, except for my pinky. It's GORGEOUS with or without, and the left photo is only two coats of top coat! Not too shabby if you ask me.

For shiggles, WHY on earth did this photograph so bright? This is unedited. Cameras are crazy. Liberty is a little bit darker than the photo above and the one below. 
If you have read this far, THANKS. I'm a little hyper right now. Happy Wednesday!